Support Data production for planning and decision making

25 July 2016

In UNFPA, it is our mandate and mission, in our modest means, to support countries in using population data for policies and programs.

In the same spirit, UNFPA has supported production of quality and reliable data through the National Institute of Statics of Rwanda for years. To ensure timely collection of data and smooth running of statistics activities, 15 vehicles Toyota double cabins were transferred to the ownership to the statistics office that UNFPA believe is a big asset for the success of the activities of the organization.

“These vehicles will continue to facilitate data collection for evidence based planning. We are grateful for UNFPA’s valuable support,” said Yusuf Murangwa, NISR Director General.

In continued support to the work of national census and data collection for demographic and health surveys by the statistics office on behalf of the government of Rwanda, the 15 pickups worth USD 600,000 about 480 Million RWF at the time of procurement, were bought in 2010 in preparation of the 2012 population and housing census that was concluded successfully.

“We are proud of Rwanda leading in many development initiatives in Africa, and with the transfer of ownership of these 15 four by four pickups to NISR, we hope to see this national institute setting the standard for other African countries by being a role model of having reliable and timely updated population Data” said Daniel Alemu deputy Representative