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Rwanda Joins the Globe to Celebrate World Population Day, 11 July

11 July 2018

Rwanda Joins the Globe to Celebrate World Population Day, 11 July

  Fifty years ago, the world declared that “parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children,” at the United Nations International Conference on Human Rights in Tehran, on 13 May 1968.   Family planning is not only a matter of human rights; it is also central to

27 June 2018

Innovation to advance SRH & tackle maternal mortality in Rwanda

Technology driven approaches offer a good solution, particularly in light of Rwanda’s efforts to reach the most remote areas of the country, and to leave no one behind. In this regard, Rwanda has prioritized investment in innovative technological solutions for its contemporary development challenges to achieve results

22 June 2018

Japan and UNFPA join efforts to build resilience of refugee women and adolescents

“Whether women live or die in a crisis often depends on whether they can get basic sexual and reproductive health services, which too often take a back seat to other urgent needs, like food and shelter. Women and especially adolescent girls are among the most vulnerable and exposed to risks including unintended pregnancies,

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