Partners including youth Lead Effort To Make Menstruation A Normal Fact Of Life
Over the past decade, evidence has accrued worldwide about the many barriers girls face to safe, hygienic and dignified menstruation. Challenges include inadequate health education on menstruation and puberty; lack of s...
Young people attending the menstrual health workshop in Kigali
Women and girls often know little about the changes they will experience as they advance through life. Many girls learn about menstruation only when they reach puberty, which can be a frightening and confusing experienc...
Seeing the unseen: End teenage pregnancy in Rwanda.
Nyiransabimana Joyeuse, a teen mother from Karongi district, Western part of Rwanda, got pregnant when she was 16 years old, she immediately dropped out of school and was rejected by her family. She had never had a conv...

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