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UNFPA works towards ensuring the availability of Family Planning commodities and life-saving medicines such that no woman dies while giving life. Through the Last Mile Assurance (LMA) process, UNFPA provides assurance that its programme supplies are adequately managed and safeguarded by Implementing Partners across all levels of the supply chain, reaching the service delivery points in a timely and effective manner.

As part of the process, on-site verifications (spot checks) were undertaken in Karongi and Rwamagana Districts, with the help of a comprehensive spot check tool to provide evidence on whether UNFPA and other partner-donated program supplies were managed and safeguarded for intended purposes and were accessible to the beneficiaries. 

“ This exercise provides the opportunity for UNFPA  and partners to identify issues at all levels of the  supply chain, at an early stage and coordinate  mitigation actions”said Marie Claire Iryanyawera  ,Family Planning Programme Analyst

UNFPA and partners were able to complete visits to 27 facilities in a week-long spot check process, where they successfully followed all five verification procedures including traceability of deliveries, traceability of IP distribution, inventory management, inventory controls, and fraud risk. Most importantly, they ensured capacity building for the service providers in the facilities on Electronics Logistics Management Information Systems (eLMIS), as well as other supply chain processes.

“This visit is a wake-up call. As seen, our health center is located far from town and the roads are damaged, which requires us to improve our commodity management and quality service provision, especially considering the limitations that the population in the catchment area face due to limited access to health facilities. We pledge to, here on, apply recommendations provided from this visit and act in a timely manner to ensure that clients’ needs are adequately met.” by Jacques Bayiro, Karora Health Centre Manager