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Kigali, 16 March 2022, The Ministry of Health in collaboration with UNFPA and AfriYAN organized a stakeholder’s reflection meeting on the implementation of Rwanda ICPD25 commitments to self-evaluate on the progress made since the dissemination of the action plan and shaping the next steps towards achieving the Rwanda commitments with a focus on the meaningful youth participation towards achieving the universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights by 2030.

Representatives from different organizations were present to discuss on the implementation of  ICPD25 commitment and the progress made from the action plan 


In 2020, as a follow up to the commitments Rwanda made at the Nairobi Summit, the Journey to move from commitments to action started by putting in place a joint action plan to ease the implementation for the commitments made at Nairobi Summit. This called for various stakeholders to work together, individually, and collectively to support the implementation of the Rwanda Commitments on ICPD25. 

The stakeholders meeting held at Kigali Marriott Hotel, reflected on the progress made so far, strengthening engagement among stakeholders by including youth in the implementation process. 

Chaired by the Minister of state in the Ministry of Health Dr. Tharcisse MPUNGA, the reflection meeting was attended by the Minister of Education, Senior Government Officials, Representatives of UN agencies, Development Partners, CSOs agencies and different stakeholders involved in SRHR for all. 

In his opening remarks Minister of State in the Ministry of Health Dr. Tharcisse MPUNGA stressed the role of Rwanda ICPD25 Commitments towards the achievement of the SDGs and recommended stakeholders for their tireless support towards the realization of social economic conditions for all Rwandans. 

“The Rwanda ICPD25 Commitments are part of the enormous momentum around efforts to achieve the SDGs, including a renewed commitment to “health for all,” explicitly recognizing that every human being has a fundamental right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health, without distinction.” Said Dr. MPUNGA Tharcisse  

Dr. MPUNGA Tharcisse, Minister of state in the ministry of Health delivered the opening remarks in stakeholders reflection meeting on the implementation of ICPD25 commitment 

Rwanda in collaboration with development partners have adopted the reintegration of Comprehensive Sexuality Education program in school curriculum to advance the Increase demand for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health service for all Rwandans through awareness raising, community engagement, education, and by expanding the number of Health Facilities that offer youth friendly services.

“Our role as a Ministry is to keep educating our young girls on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. One of our areas of commitment under the ICPD25 Commitments regards Teenage Pregnancies. Teenagers fall under my portfolio as the Minister of Education. The majority of them get pregnant while at school and we have a big role to play in preventing that." Dr Uwamariya Valentine, Minister of Education

Dr Uwamariya Valentine, Minister of Education stressed that the role as a Ministry is to keep educating young girls on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Inclusive youth participation is fundamental in the implementation of ICPD 25 process not only to accelerate the realization of the commitments but also to ensure that the desired results respond to the real needs of the young generation which accounts for the majority of the Rwandan population. In 2019 led by AfriYAN Rwanda, young people conducted the National Youth Traveling Caravan and its results played a vital role in the development of the Rwanda ICPD25 Commitments. 

“Our commitment is to ensure proper accountability on issues affecting us. We aim to be at the forefront of the realization of the commitments for a country where we live a quality life with dignity, capacity and opportunity to realize our full potential.” Evode Niyibizi, Country Director AfriYAN Rwanda.

Evode Niyibizi, CD AfriYAN Rwanda. Youth are at the forefront to realize the commitment and ensure the proper accountability on issues affecting them. 

The validated Rwanda Action Plan prioritizes achieving zero unmet need for family planning, zero preventable maternal deaths, and zero gender-based violence and practices that harm women and girls, all by 2030. UNFPA reiterated its full and continued commitment to support the Government of Rwanda and all partners in advancing the ICPD agenda.

“Let me re-affirm UNFPA’s commitment and support to the implementation of the Commitments and to our continued collaboration and partnership as we ensure that the ICPD25 Commitments are achieved in Rwanda.” Kwabena Asante Ntiamoah, UNFPA Representative. 

“The challenges may slow us down but we will not retreat. The road ahead may be steeper than before, but our march forward will continue.” He added. 

Kwabena Asante-Ntiamoah, UNFPA Representative during the discussion. UNFPA re-affirm commitment and support to the implementation of the Commitments 

The meeting served also an opportunity for stakeholders to set the next steps to accelerate the implementation of the current action plan of the ICPD25 commitments.

On Panel (left-right): Natacha Mugeni-Moderator, Karamage Eriphase-RBC, Kathy Kantengwa-UNFPA, KAGABA Aphrodice-HDI and Evode Niyibizi AfriYAN Rwanda