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UNFPA Country Programme to Rwanda 2018 – 2023

UNFPA’s 8th Country Programme is aligned to and contributes to national priorities set in the National Strategy for Transformation 2017-2024; the United Nations Development Assistance Plan (2018-2023); the Health Sector Strategic Plan 4 (2018-2024); and contributing Rwanda’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 8th Country Programme priorities are;

Sexual and Reproductive Health  & Rights

Adolescents and Youth

Population Dynamics

UNFPA in Rwanda is supporting gender issues mainstreamed across and humanitarian interventions in these three program priorities of the 8th Country Programme.

In partnership with Government institutions (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth, Rwanda Biomedical Centre and National Institute of Statistics), United Nations agencies and CSOs, the country programme supports upstream interventions focusing on:

Policy dialogue


Evidence generation

Capacity development at the national level.

At the decentralized level, UNFPA support focuses on the districts of Karongi, Rusizi and Nyamasheke to increase access to youth-friendly health and family planning services through capacity development and service delivery interventions. These interventions in return strengthen the evidence base for national policy dialogue and technical assistance interventions.

In the context of “Delivering as One” context, UNFPA leads United Nations efforts in;

Data and evidence generation

Universal access to family planning and adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

Youth leadership and participation

UNFPA partners with other United Nations agencies to implement high impact joint programmes for increased synergy, forging partnerships to promote the development and utilization of innovations such as mobile technology to disseminate sexual reproductive health information.

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